Between the Seasons on Pipeline Lakes Trail

trail snowy mountainsPipeline Lakes Trail has become like a friend to me and spending time there reboots my week and recharges my batteries.  I hike other trails, but almost feel unfaithful when I do!   I’m afraid I might miss something with the passage of the seasons!   Monday, two weeks ago, I thought of going to another trail but would have missed the overlap of winter and spring.

double mt frozen lake

dead tree fozen lake mt

frozen lake mountain rangeThis is one of my favorite views on the Pipeline;  I could stand on this spot and gaze for a lifetime!


7 thoughts on “Between the Seasons on Pipeline Lakes Trail

  1. Beautiful country, Charley. Those peaks in the background have my interest though. I’d guess they offer some good climbing in a month or two… and for a maybe a few after that. Is the water part of seasonal wetlands, small lakes or a nearby river? Or all of the above? Keep sending pics as the seasons progress… I love it! Thx.

  2. Mike, the water in these photos are small lakes along the trail. There are five or six in all along Pipeline Lakes Trail. This trail joins the McKinley Cabin Lake trail where there is a much larger lake; the two trails form a loop.

    1. Yes….and this is my favorite trip to hike here in our remote corner of the world! …though there are others I’ve not hiked yet. Thanks for stopping by!

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