Jewels on Necklace

The small lakes on Pipeline Lake Trail remind me of ever changing jewels on a necklace! Just two weeks ago these lakes were white and still frozen by a long Alaskan winter.  Now, as you can see, they have been transformed, seemingly overnight, to hues of blue….

Blue Lake 3


Blue lake 2


blue lake


Between the Seasons on Pipeline Lakes Trail

trail snowy mountainsPipeline Lakes Trail has become like a friend to me and spending time there reboots my week and recharges my batteries.  I hike other trails, but almost feel unfaithful when I do!   I’m afraid I might miss something with the passage of the seasons!   Monday, two weeks ago, I thought of going to another trail but would have missed the overlap of winter and spring.

double mt frozen lake

dead tree fozen lake mt

frozen lake mountain rangeThis is one of my favorite views on the Pipeline;  I could stand on this spot and gaze for a lifetime!