At the End of the Trail

Saddlebag Glacier LakeLast Monday I hiked the 3.1 Saddlebag Glacier Trail; this is what awaited me at the end.  Not a bad spot to break open the sack lunch!  The trail was relatively flat compared to other trails I frequent but not lacking in rugged Alaskan beauty.   Stop back by in a few days and I’ll share some shots leading up to the the lake.


Hues of Summer

Daisy Again


dazling fireweed

bells squared



From the moment the first blades of grass peak through the snow in the spring, a litany of flowers, berries, and flora begin making their appearance.  With each successive week throughout spring and summer new colors, shapes, and textures appear.  Each of these shots were captured along the trails I hike around Cordova in the Chugach National Forrest.

Moose Crossing

MooseThese guys crossed my path as I was heading *out the road a few months ago.  It was before the grass had greened or the snow had completely melted off.

*Out the Road – Cordova is not connected to the road system of Alaska.  The only ways to get here is either by ferry or by plane.   Every road that leads out of town comes to an end.   If you are headed “out the road” then you are headed out of town and onto the gravel portion of the road.

Lake Views Around Cordova

lakeviewEyak Lake from Above: Taken while Hiking on Crater Lake Trail

By lake EyakBy Eyak Lake:  OK, I admit, this view is more for the sky above the lake than for the lake!

glacier lakeSheridan Glacier Lake

fozen skating pondAn Evening View Captured while Skating out Alaganik Slough Road

refletion pipline first lakeMy favorite trail to hike is the Pipeline Lake Trail.  This is the first of six, small lakes along this trail.