Distant Mountains

wow-mountainsSince childhood distant mountains have called my name, beckoning me to them to make them my home.

water-mountainsMountains and water combine forming a force that captures my heart and soul.

homeOn the other side of those mountains lies Cordova, Mt. Eccles, Eyak Lake, Orca Inlet, and Prince William Sound….home….


Before the Snows Come

This may be my last hike of the season before the snows come!  I say this because every season has arrived early this year.  Flowers were blooming in our neighbors yard on the last day of February!  The salmonberries were here sometime in May and produced a bumper crop.  Back in July the skunk cabbage was laying down and turning brown as if Fall was already here!   In our three winters in Alaska snow has held off until sometime in November.  I believe something is up this year, however, and I’m predicting an early winter and snowfall in October!  We shall see!

These shots below were captured just off the Pipeline Lakes Trail, my favorite of the sixteen National Forest trails in and around our remote Alaskan town of Cordova.





craggly-treeThere is something I love about Craggily Trees.  It’s as if they are speaking to me saying, “I’ve endured the winds and storms of time.  God has brought me through many a season. If he can do it for me, then he can do it for you!”