Farewell Summer!

It’s been a glorious summer in Cordova; but alas, the colors of the season are fading and the shades of autumn are taking their place.  Rich fall colors abound here in our new home, but not where this Arkansas boy is used to finding them, in the trees.  No…here they are seen in the mosses, the devils clubs, and the wild blue berry bushes.

moss 2 moss

devils club

blueberry bushes

blueberry bushes 3

Several months ago these dogwood plants sported white flowers much like the trees of my boyhood home; now, they proudly state “we’re not done,” as they bear these vibrant berries!dogwood

A tired skunk cabbage gives it’s best effort at contributing to the display….tired skunk cabbage

…as lush greens along the trail have give way to browns…greens are fading 2

…and these lone sentinels stand guard marking the passage of time. trees standing guard