Even on a Cloudy Day

IMG_3599The beauty of this place astounds me…even on a cloudy day!


When the Sun Almost Didn’t Shine

The sun was not shining when I hit the trail this past Monday.  During the coarse of my hike it sleeted, it snowed, and it rained!  As I reached the last leg of my journey, the sun appeared lighting the path in front of me.  Back in the Tahoe, I mused at the variety of weather I’d experienced on my short hike;  I’d only been on the trail about an hour.  Then, while driving home, it was almost as if as if God smiled at my musings, because  he saved the best for last!

Pond Ice Mountains


Scraggly Trees Mountain




Sund on trail


sun bridge


Man waves in Creek


from my window


from my window 2





When the Sun Shines…

….we celebrate!!!  Cordova is surrounded by the Chugach National Forrest, a temperate rain forrest, where precipitation in various forms is the norm throughout the year.   When  the sun graces us with its presence we Cordovans head out doors regardless the season or the temperature.  Last Sunday the air was crisp and clear so we broke out the bikes and hit the road.

Getting back on

Boys & Mama on Bikes

Reflection on the lake

McKinley Lake Mine

I am a frequent hiker on McKinley Lake trail;  its path meanders for 2.8 miles through the Chugach National forrest and eventually passes by McKinley Lake, a fairly large glacial lake which lies beneath the trail.  A rustic forestry service cabin sits by the lake near the end of the trail.  The McKinley Lake Mine awaits you just 3/10 of a mile beyond the cabin.  Gold was discovered there in 1898 capturing the hearts and minds of many Alaska residents.   The rail below will lead you to the mine and back into the past;   won’t you join me there?

Rails old mine

Wheels Old Mine

Huge Cog Old Mine

Machine Old Mine

Machine 2 Old Mine

Pile of Rubble Old mine

plate old mineI had imagined that I’d find the entry to the old mine there, but the doorway to the gold is long hidden, buried beneath the ground.  Or, maybe it is there somewhere, farther beyond the end of the trail and only accessible to the creatures of the forrest and to those not bound to trails!

Sunday Afternoon Drive

IMG_1863 Sunday after church the air was crisp and the sky was blue, so we piled in the Tahoe and headed out of town.   We are truly blessed to live in Cordova, Alaska.  I pray that we never loose the awe that the beauty of this place inspires!

IMG_1868Lake Eyak

IMG_1869Sheridan Glasier Peeking Between the Mountains

Snowy Trails are Calling Me

Snow trailSince moving to Alaska, I have learned that I love hiking in the snow!   Last winter we had mostly rain which froze on the trails making the paths quite slippery and hiking not so enjoyable for me. This fall I have been praying, Please Lord, let it snow!!!   He has heard my plea and answered with a couple of nice snowfalls already this November.  For the last two weeks the trails have beaconed me!!!

snow fernThis little fellow, shaded by trees above, joins me in my prayer longing for a thick winter duvet;  he is ready to nestle neath the earth for a long winters nap.

snow little creekThis little creek meanders its way down the hillside longing to join the scene below…

waterfallIf enough snow falls, even this waterfall will be buried and frozen, still and quiet for most of the winter.

returning from out the roadAlas it is time to return to the warmth of home, my hike in the snow now over.  The beauty of Lake Eyak, Cordova, and Prince William Sound waits for me just behind those mountains, beaconing me also…until the next snow laden trail calls me.