Distant Mountains

wow-mountainsSince childhood distant mountains have called my name, beckoning me to them to make them my home.

water-mountainsMountains and water combine forming a force that captures my heart and soul.

homeOn the other side of those mountains lies Cordova, Mt. Eccles, Eyak Lake, Orca Inlet, and Prince William Sound….home….


3 thoughts on “Distant Mountains

  1. Beautiful country, Charley. Looks like you’re about 150 mi. east of Anchorage by road… assuming that hwy that goes by Whittier goes all the way to Cordova. Or maybe you have to go to Valdez and up to Glenn Hwy. But maybe the ferry is faster? Or just flying? I’ve hiked in Chugach SP near Eagle River. Other than that, the closest I’ve ever been to your area is Watson Lake, Dease Lake, Telegraph Creek and the Stikine River. How long have you lived near Cordova?

    1. Thanks Mike! Yes, that is about how far we are from Anchorage. Cordova is like Juneau in that we are not connected to the road system of Alaska. The only way to get here is by air or by ferry. We’ve lived in Cordova for the past three years arriving here in November of 2013.

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