Before the Snows Come

This may be my last hike of the season before the snows come!  I say this because every season has arrived early this year.  Flowers were blooming in our neighbors yard on the last day of February!  The salmonberries were here sometime in May and produced a bumper crop.  Back in July the skunk cabbage was laying down and turning brown as if Fall was already here!   In our three winters in Alaska snow has held off until sometime in November.  I believe something is up this year, however, and I’m predicting an early winter and snowfall in October!  We shall see!

These shots below were captured just off the Pipeline Lakes Trail, my favorite of the sixteen National Forest trails in and around our remote Alaskan town of Cordova.





craggly-treeThere is something I love about Craggily Trees.  It’s as if they are speaking to me saying, “I’ve endured the winds and storms of time.  God has brought me through many a season. If he can do it for me, then he can do it for you!”




2 thoughts on “Before the Snows Come

  1. Hi Charley. Don’t know why I’m just getting this, I started reading it and wondered… about ‘before the snow comes.’ Then I saw the date… I guess I’m still wondering. I’m sure the scenery looks much different now than in the photos, and my guess is that the temp has dropped a bit as well. And, snow in Oct. wouldn’t surprise me up your way. I hope you enjoyed that nice long ‘fall’ weather. Any hiking now is likely on snowshoes! Enjoy the winter, my friend, and stay warm. I’m expecting our first possibly significant snow tonight and tomorrow… maybe a half foot, could be more. Shovel and snowblower are ready, as are my snowshoes. Temps will be hovering near 0 +/- 5 degrees by middle of next week. Cheers!

    1. Hey Mike! I’ve not posted in quite a while, and for whatever reason, I decided to date the post on the date the photos were taken. These photos were actually taken on October 10. Cordova is surrounded by the Chugach National Forest which is the northernmost temperate rain forest in North America. Our average winter temperature in Cordova is 22 degrees. We do get snow here in October, but mostly up on the mountains that we get to see and enjoy from below. Down in the city proper we don’t usually see snow until some time in November. Locals say that it usually snows on Halloween, though we’ve seen that since we’ve been here. My prediction did come true, by the way 🙂 it did snowing Cordova just a few days after I took these photos! Last winter we got snow in November and December then rains came in January and washed it all away and we didn’t get any more. We didn’t even get to ice skate last winter as it never stayed cold enough long enough. This year has been colder and we are hoping the snows will continue into the new year. We get hydroelectric from the melting snows, and we need it also to come down into the streams for the salmon in the spring and summer months as we are a fishing community. Enjoy your snow if you get some! Thanks for stopping by!

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