The Bear, the Dancing Lady, and the Witch

Dancing Lady BeartCan you see them?  When we first moved to Cordova long time Cordovans would ask,  Can you see the bear and the dancing lady?  …to which I’d reply, Bear? Dancing Lady?  What?  Then, one day, I saw the large, black bear heading down the mountain catching a fish!  A few days later the dancing lady jumped out at me!  She’s behind the bear wearing a hat with a plumb.  I was so excited that I immediately posted the above photo to FaceBook;  a friend in Texas declared in his comment that on the left he saw a witch on a broom chasing the dancing lady!  Sure enough she’s there!

Cordova HarborDuring the winter all three snuggle down deep behind a blanket of snow.  When spring arrives the bear comes out first looking for his fish! The lady and the witch, well they need their beauty sleep and take longer to emerge.


Harbor Dancing ladyAs summer approaches and the harbor comes alive, and the dancing lady and the witch join in the revery!  If it’s a warmer than usual summer they’ll leave us all together and won’t return unit fall when the snows come again.  They’ll reappear for a bit until they yawn and nestle down behind their blanket once again…