McKinley Lake Mine

I am a frequent hiker on McKinley Lake trail;  its path meanders for 2.8 miles through the Chugach National forrest and eventually passes by McKinley Lake, a fairly large glacial lake which lies beneath the trail.  A rustic forestry service cabin sits by the lake near the end of the trail.  The McKinley Lake Mine awaits you just 3/10 of a mile beyond the cabin.  Gold was discovered there in 1898 capturing the hearts and minds of many Alaska residents.   The rail below will lead you to the mine and back into the past;   won’t you join me there?

Rails old mine

Wheels Old Mine

Huge Cog Old Mine

Machine Old Mine

Machine 2 Old Mine

Pile of Rubble Old mine

plate old mineI had imagined that I’d find the entry to the old mine there, but the doorway to the gold is long hidden, buried beneath the ground.  Or, maybe it is there somewhere, farther beyond the end of the trail and only accessible to the creatures of the forrest and to those not bound to trails!


3 thoughts on “McKinley Lake Mine

    1. Thanks for stopping by Cheryl! Yes, I love exploring in Alaska! I had heard about the mine at the end of the trail but just not gotten there yet. It was fun to finally get there and see it!

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