Saddlebag Glacier Trail

These shots are from my first hike on Saddlebag Glacier Trail, a 3.1 mile trail in the Chugach National Forrest.   In Cordova we measure everything by miles “out the road”.  Saddlebag is roughly twenty-five miles out the road with the trailhead being one mile off the main road.  The trail takes you meandering through rich vegetation with a glacial lake  awaiting you at the end! board path beyond


Views on Either Side of the Path peeked mt 2 snow mt side of trail


This old fella has witnessed many a hiker traversing this trail. narled tree


The Chugach National Forrest is a temperate rain forrest abounding with wild flowers and ferns. Daisy Again White


The trail ends at a small rock beach and Saddlebag Glacier Lake! Saddlebag Glacier Lake


Far across the lake you can see where the glacier barley peeking between a mountain pass. glacier peeking


When I was a boy in Arkansas, I found myself laying in the pasture on many a summer day while imagining what I saw in the clouds.  Now, in Alaska, the melting snow formations on the mountains provide ever changing displays for my still vivid imagination.  Below, I see and angel blowing his trumpet! angel on mt


I met a wild-haired man on the trail;  he looked hungry so I shared my lunch with him! wild man of the lake!


The apple was imported from Washington state.   The salmon?  A friend and I caught it last summer on the Eyak River ! lunch at the lake


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