Moose Crossing

MooseThese guys crossed my path as I was heading *out the road a few months ago.  It was before the grass had greened or the snow had completely melted off.

*Out the Road – Cordova is not connected to the road system of Alaska.  The only ways to get here is either by ferry or by plane.   Every road that leads out of town comes to an end.   If you are headed “out the road” then you are headed out of town and onto the gravel portion of the road.


4 thoughts on “Moose Crossing

  1. Wow! How close were you? I would have freaked! Then the moose would have ran off, and I would be kicking myself for freaking out before I had the chance to catch them on camera.

    1. Cheryl, when I first saw them they were in the middle of the road and quite a ways away. I inched closer and closer in the Tahoe getting close enough to take a good photo. By the time I got fairly close they had gone into the field. I used my i-phone and the zoom and took the photo from the window.

    1. Thanks Lois! I sometimes have to pinch myself to see if it’s real that we get to live here! If I’m ever down all I have to do is take a walk or a drive and it lifts my spirits. God’s handiwork is amazing that way!!!

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