Today’s Adventure

Madea and I drove out the road to the end of Lake Avenue.   This is just a taste of what we saw!


If I’m ever remotely gloomy all I have to do is drive out the road in any direction from Cordova and my spirit begins to soar!!!    The beauty of God’s creation here simply revives my soul!   That said, can you see the large snowflake pattern in the ice?



This reminds me of Debussy’s “Reflections in the Water,” a piece I played in my senior college recital.




Madea is a great companion for a long walk out the road, or for a hike on the many trails around Cordova!



Just one of the waterfalls we saw on todays trek…



The beauty of this place astounds me!



One thought on “Today’s Adventure

  1. Beautiful! But I’m glad for signs of Spring here in Telford, PA. Thanks for letting me know about this blog. It’s been a long time. Feel free to contact me on Facebook if you wish. From time to time I share some pictures there though not as often as I did on my blog years ago. But I would love to have you as a Facebook friend.

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